Plants and trees in outdoor play spaces need to fulfil certain attributes: shade provision, hardiness, low allergy effects, pleasant textural attributes and low or no toxicity.

From a sustainability perspective it’s also important to consider the water requirements of plants and their ability to provide habitat for/attract native birds and bees. Additionally, some plants may provide the bonus of being able to be used in edible gardens, which children can plant, care for and compost leftovers from.

Here are some resources and activity sheets to get you started.


 Guide on Plants for Playspaces
 Make Newspaper Seedling Pots with the Kids
Sustainability in Schools' Foundation, in the Garden

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Encourage Native Bees to your Garden

Make Your Own Bee-friendly Garden Sign
How to Act for Bees
How to Build a Native Bee Home

Native Bee Home

Encourage Frogs to your Garden

Resources coming soon.