Little Green Steps WA was privileged to work with Keep Australia Beautiful WA, Clean schools programme and Pilbara Meta Maya Aboriginal Corporation to share waste and litter education and learn about these issues for remote Pilbara communities in September 2022. 

We visited 5 schools and 7 communities and found amazing people and creative solutions along the way. 

Children of all ages were engaged to 'care for country' and we hope our resources and knowledge sharing  provided even further motivation. 

Little Green Steps member resource 'Care for Country' was an activity we trialled for making some motivational connections, while Clean Schools 'Why Worry about Litter' Bingo and 'Care for Country - Snakes and Ladders Game' provided stimulus and fun to use bins and recognise that community spaces are part of country too.   See more resources here.

This educational journey also confirmed the idea that community connections are vital for embedding positive change making behaviours. Where Schools, Elders and families and community organisations share a dream, it seems to happen and the creative r-use in many communities was inspiring.

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