In preparation for Christmas,  the City of Canning has created a Green guide for ways to celebrate which give back to our communities and reduce the unsustainable effects we can on the natural environment. Why don't we give back to our local place and space this Christmas by doing a community litter pick and marking this as our first adopt a spot event. Residents in Canning can make it your Christmas resolution  to join the Climate Clever Sustainable Neighbourhood community in 2022. Find out how here 

Early Years communities are also great leaders in creative reuse with children ...  old t-shirts can be turned into no-sew shopping bags... Christmas trees can be made from many reusable materials or native plants can be decorated in their pots... kids art can turn into Christmas wrap, tree decorations and bonbons  AND by melting old crayons down into Christmas moulds they can be revamped and re-gifted.

Click on the crayons for more low waste Christmas ideas.