Becoming global citizens and learning about cultures and diversity in our own settings is a vital social directive of Sustainability ...
Early Years Educators with a passion for learning about and from our First Nations People will love this workshop... learn about the impacts of your own cultural identity in EY settings before developing an awareness in children of the wonders of learning about local Noongar histories and cultures. This workshop will provide us all with the agency to make a difference where we are..

We will deliver:

  • Awareness training on cultural identity.
  • An opportunity to learn from and ask questions of Cultural Presenter, Belinda Cox.
  • Ways to engage in multicultural practices and embed actions into our everyday routines.
    Fun, hand-on activities for children (and educators!) to embed learning about Aboriginal and TSI cultures.
  • Links to the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Opportunities to network with other early childhood professionals.

Thursday May 20th 2021, from 5.30pm - 8.00pm 

Bibra Lake Community Centre, 132 Parkway Road