Cockburn celebrates the season of Makuru in many ways..

Look what Early Years communities can tap into - community tree planting days, taking little bush walks in beautiful Banksia woodlands -see this Nature Story-time Trek, 'Adopting a Spot' to keep clean with Keep Australia Beautiful and by being Bodyguards for Snake-necked Turtles as their babies will soon be hatching and trying to make their way back to the water's edge. Try out our NEW LGS 'fun with the Snake necked turtle kit' - on sale here 

The July school holidays are also full of fun sustainable events for kids so share these to your families in care... little learners can become worm warriors at the City's worm farming workshop for kids on  5th July. Book your kids in via link below.

How are you celebrating NAIDOC week 2023 ? look at all the ways Educators can take part in the City this July.