Cockburn celebrates the season of Kambarang in lots of sustainable ways, so join in.

Teddy Bears Picnic is coming up on 18th October with its theme a 'Day on the Farm' .... so bring your toddlers out to play and say hello to us at the Little Green Steps Stall where we will be hosting lots of fantastic fun kids sustainable learning activities. Find out more here.

The South West Snake-necked turtle is nesting this time of year so this is a good time to be bodyguards for them, shoo away any birds if you see one digging her nest when you go out for little walks in the park and register your sightings on the Turtle Sat app. Little Green Steps has a great 'Fun with the Snake-necked turtle kit' so access it via our shop.

The Aussie Bird Count Begins in October (16- 22) and Early Years can be involved as citizens scientists - spend 20 mins outside each day recording as many backyard birds you can see ...