Bin Sprites – Teacher Resource Guide


Teachers Resource Guide is free to download. This curriculum-linked teachers’ resource guide supports the illustrated story book ‘Bin Sprites to
the Rescue’, written by Kate Vyvyan and illustrated by Ian Tregonning.  A delightful tale of imaginary beings that draw on the power of waste materials inside
our bins. The story draws attention to sorting waste so that it can be re-duced, re-used, re-cycled or re-fused.

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Bin Sprites is an illustrated story aimed at children aged 3-7, their families, carers and educators. Bin sprites live in rubbish bins. The spirits draw on the residual power of the materials in the bin and can take a physical form. They thrive (are happy and playful) in well sorted bins. They are sad, listless and grumpy in badly sorted bins. The emphasis is on material that is or used to be a living thing (paper, cardboard, plastics, food waste) however they can connect with resources (metals and glass) that draw their zest from the earth (a much slower kind of energy).
Linked to the EYLF and the WA Curriculum. This project is supported by the Government of Western Australia and the Waste Authority.