Join Little Green Steps WA & the Nappy Guru,  to learn how your childcare can support cloth nappy use and create less nappy waste... We are all part of the solution, so carers and early years educators are ALL invited to these workshops to dispel myths about cloth nappies and learn ways we can return to cloth nappy use in childcare thereby reducing our harmful ecological footprint on this world.

We ran a Pilot of using Cloth Nappies in Childcare in 2022 and  our results highlight many possibilities.

Workshop will include:

  • Sharing of existing systems which Childcares can use to support cloth nappy usage (includes BYO cloth, Nappy Washing Service & ancillary nappy systems).
  • Sharing the easiest cloth types, ways of use, care and washing solutions relevant to Childcare settings by expert Kam Andrews - the Nappy Guru.
  • Meeting the 'Staying Healthy in Childcare standards' expected of your industry with cloth nappy use
  • Case studies to show it works.

Download the flyer for more information here

 Nido Early School, 303 Egerton Dve, Aveley, on June 14th, 2023 from 5.30pm-7.30pm