Join Little Green Steps WA & the Nappy Guru to support the establishment of reusable and modern cloth nappy practices and processes in childcare... Did you know that up to 2 Billion single use nappies end up in landfill each year ? We are all part of the solution, so parents, carers and early years educators are ALL invited to this workshop to dispel myths about cloth nappies and learn ways support their return and use in childcare thereby reducing our harmful ecological footprint on this world.

Workshop will include:

  • Environmental impacts of disposable vs cloth nappies
  • Ease of use, care, washing and awareness of modern cloth nappies
  • Case study of existing Child cares supporting cloth
  • Sharing of real-life pilot trial to support the system of cloth nappies in care in WA
  • Opportunity to explore this topic with other early years educators

CONTACT Megan to book this workshop for your early years service or community